How to Make a GIF Your Wallpaper on Chromebook

By Paul Published July 12, 2023

How to Make a GIF Your Wallpaper on Chromebook
How to Make a GIF Your Wallpaper on Chromebook

If you're looking to add some personality and vibrancy to your Chromebook's desktop background, why not consider using a GIF as your wallpaper? Animated wallpapers can bring life to your device and make it stand out from the crowd. In this article, we'll guide you through the process of making a GIF your wallpaper on a Chromebook. Get ready to showcase your unique style and creativity!

Step 1: Find the Perfect GIF

The first step is to find a GIF that you want to use as your wallpaper. You can search for GIFs on popular platforms like Giphy, Tenor, or even create your own GIF using tools like Giphy Capture or EZGif. Look for a GIF that matches your interests, mood, or aesthetic preference. It could be a funny clip, a mesmerizing animation, or a stunning visual.

Step 2: Save the GIF to Your Chromebook

Once you've found the ideal GIF, save it to your Chromebook. You can do this by right-clicking on the GIF and selecting "Save image as..." Choose a memorable location on your Chromebook where you can easily access the GIF later.

Step 3: Convert the GIF to a WebM File

Chromebooks don't support GIFs as wallpaper directly, but they do support WebM files, which are a popular format for animated content. To convert your GIF to a WebM file, you can use an online converter like Ezgif or CloudConvert. Upload your GIF, select WebM as the output format, and convert the file.

Step 4: Install a Wallpaper-Changing Extension

To set your WebM file as your wallpaper, you'll need to install a wallpaper-changing extension from the Chrome Web Store. Some popular extensions include "Animated Wallpaper" and "Live Start Page - Living Wallpapers." Go to the Chrome Web Store, search for your preferred extension, and click on "Add to Chrome" to install it.

Step 5: Set the GIF as Your Wallpaper

Once you've installed the wallpaper-changing extension, click on its icon in the Chrome toolbar. It will open a menu where you can customize your wallpaper settings. Look for an option like "Choose Wallpaper" or "Select File" and navigate to the location where you saved your WebM file. Select the file and confirm your choice.

Congratulations! You've successfully set a GIF as your wallpaper on your Chromebook. Enjoy the dynamic and eye-catching background as you navigate through your device.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use any GIF as my Chromebook wallpaper?

Yes, you can use any GIF as long as you convert it to a WebM file format, which is compatible with Chromebooks.

Are there any recommended wallpaper-changing extensions?

Some popular extensions include "Animated Wallpaper" and "Live Start Page - Living Wallpapers." However, feel free to explore other options available in the Chrome Web Store.

Can I use a GIF from a website as my wallpaper?

Yes, you can save a GIF from a website and follow the steps mentioned in this guide to set it as your wallpaper.

Is it possible to use a GIF as a lock screen wallpaper on Chromebook?

Currently, Chromebooks do not support using GIFs as lock screen wallpapers. You can only set them as the wallpaper for your desktop.

Can I revert to a static wallpaper after setting a GIF?

Yes, you can change your wallpaper at any time. Simply access the wallpaper-changing extension settings and choose a different image or WebM file as your wallpaper.

With these simple steps, you can personalize your Chromebook's appearance by setting a captivating GIF as your wallpaper. Let your creativity shine through and enjoy the animated experience every time you open your device. Have fun exploring different GIFs and expressing your unique style!

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