How to Send a GIF in GroupMe: Add Life and Laughter to Your Group Chats

By Jimmy Published July 6, 2023

How to Send a GIF in GroupMe: Add Life and Laughter to Your Group Chats
How to Send a GIF in GroupMe: Add Life and Laughter to Your Group Chats

GroupMe is a popular messaging app that enables users to create and join group chats with friends, family, or colleagues. It provides a fun and convenient way to stay connected and share moments with those who matter most.

If you're wondering how to send a GIF in GroupMe to add a touch of animation and humor to your conversations, you're in the right place! In this article, we'll guide you through the process of sending GIFs in GroupMe, allowing you to infuse your chats with life and laughter.

Step 1: Open the GroupMe App

Start by opening the GroupMe app on your mobile device. Ensure that you're logged in with your account credentials.

Step 2: Select a Group Chat

From the list of chats in the app, select the group chat where you want to send the GIF. Tap on the group chat to open the conversation window.

Step 3: Access the Message Input Field

At the bottom of the conversation window, you'll find the message input field. It is where you type and send messages in GroupMe. Tap on the field to activate it and start composing your message.

Step 4: Tap the "+" Button

To access the GIF library and send a GIF, tap the "+" button located on the left side of the message input field. This button typically resembles a square with a plus sign inside it.

Step 5: Select the GIF Option

In the options menu that appears, look for the GIF option. It may be labeled as "GIF" or represented by a GIF icon. Tap on the GIF option to access the GIF library.

Step 6: Choose a GIF

The GIF library will display a variety of trending or popular GIFs. You can browse through the available options or use the search bar to find a specific GIF. Tap on the GIF you want to send to select it.

Step 7: Send the GIF

After selecting the GIF, you'll see a preview of it in the message input field. You can add a caption or accompanying text if desired. Once you're ready, tap the send button (usually an arrow or paper airplane icon) to send the GIF in the group chat.

Congratulations! You've successfully sent a GIF in GroupMe. The GIF will appear in the group chat for all members to enjoy and react to.


Now that you know how to send a GIF in GroupMe, go ahead and spice up your group chats with animated goodness. Share laughter, express yourself creatively, and strengthen your connections through the power of animated communication.

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